Men are expected to be ‘strong silent types’ — and it’s breaking them, says Henry Rollins

In "The Man They Wanted Me To Be," Jared Yates Sexton explores the culture of toxic masculinity in America.

To this day, toxic masculinity permeates offices, factories, highways, bars, locker rooms and pretty much anywhere else American men have taken it upon themselves to be strong, silent and seemingly impervious to the day-to-day brutalities they have invented and inured themselves to.

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Henry Rollins on the road with John Waters’ memoir, ‘Mr. Know-It-All’

John Waters’ new collection of essays, “Mr. Know-It-All: The Tarnished Wisdom Of A Filth Elder,” explores the edgy filmmaker’s many decades of experience in the business, brushes with mainstream acceptance, and life as an aging counterculture celebrity. As Waters writes: “Aging gracefully is the toughest thing for a rebel.”

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Why Joy Division? Henry Rollins examines Jon Savage’s oral history of the post-punk band

Jon Savage’s “This Searing Light, the Sun and Everything Else” documents the formation, brief life and sudden end of the phenomenal Manchester, England, band Joy Division.

Much has been written about this band; some of the sharpest music writers have given their best trying to capture its essence. As brilliant as some of this work is, Joy Division seems to remain in the shadows, just out of reach of critical assessment. Joy Division’s music doesn’t “rock” in the classic sense as much as shudder, roar and convulse. The songs are readings of temperature, light and lack of light. They walk silently for hours on city streets and return alone to small rooms with full ashtrays and no messages on the machine. It’s a fantastically difficult question to answer: Why do you like Joy Division? The more dedicated the listener, the more likely you’ll get an inhaled breath held for a few seconds, an exhale and a shrug.

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