Henry Rollins guest host
10 March 2017

Hello, fellow Mutant. Earlier this year, I met up with Eric Lumbleau & Matt Castille who host and curate the Mutant Sounds show on Dublab. I learned so much from the Mutant Sounds website. It was one of the best music resources ever. Many tracks I got from the MS site were incorporated into my radio shows for years.

In January, Eric & Matt asked me if I wanted to guest host their show. That was an easy yes and I got right to work.

What I came up with is much like the show I do on KCRW but perhaps with a little more emphasis on instrumental tracks.

If you are a Mutant Sounds listener, hopefully you will find these tracks interesting enough to listen to the entire show. It’s rare to get an opportunity to play exactly what you want without thoughts of someone getting steamed somewhere. If you want to hear more of what I’m up to with my own show, you can always find my shows online.

During the show, as per usual, I do a lot of explaining of what we’re listening to, how I found the tracks and where to get more information. I have a feeling that you would probably be able to get more facts about any of these tracks a lot faster than I would, so if anything catches your ear, as it were, there is plenty of ways to find out more online.

Eric & Matt are such great champions of interesting music. They do countless music fans all over the world a great service with their show I am amazed and grateful they threw the ball to me.

I figure we’re lucky to have an attraction music that is outside of the mainstream. It’s far more interesting to be skating on the fringes of anything than stuck in the thick of it. You might have had a similar experience to mine in that at an early age, I knew I was never going to be showing up for much of the regular thing when it came to music. Punk Rock changed everything for me. Hearing the first Suicide album around then made me realize there was a lot more happening and then getting turned onto people like Diamanda Galas, Iannis Xenakis (whose work Diamanda introduced me to about 32 years ago,) George Crumb and others that pretty much blew the doors off the hinges for me and that’s when things got very interesting. It becomes a mindset, an open-mindedness and curiosity that almost runs on its own power, sending you down paths of music that you feel so lucky to have discovered. A few years of this and you have more records than time to listen to them. I’ll take that over no music and hour after hour of silence any time.

Here are the tracks:

01. Mukhsin – no title available / Folk And Pop Sounds Of Sumatra Vol. 2
02. Augusto Klamm – Monologue / Poisonous Fragrances
03. Lydia Kavina - Improvisation / Music From The Ether: Original Works For Theremin
04. Hisato Higuchi - Girl Sister / She
05. Ben Simmons – Untitled / Living Is Hard - West African Music In Britain 1927-1929
06. Hei - ...Me Encontré Solo En La Oscuridad / Laivoja Ja Junia
07. Runhild Gammelsæter - Collapse - Lifting Of The Veil / Amplicon
08. Devo – U Got Me Bugged / Hardcore Devo Vol. 2
09. Uton – Költö / Kähe+  
10. Joe Meek - I Hear A New World / I Hear a New World
11. The Four Plugs - Wrong Treatment
12. Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid - Morning Prayer / The Exchange Sessions Vol. 01
13. Ensemble Für Neue Musik Zürich - Proterozoic Vox Balaenae / George Crumb
14. Vlubä – Tarot / Horda Cryptic Vortex
15. Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast - The Dumb Waiters / G’arage D’or
16. Team Doyobi - Per Aspera Ad Astra / Cryptoburners
17. The Calico Wall - I’m A Living Sickness / Trash Box Vol. 3
18. Ashtray Navigations - Bubba O’Meiser / Spray
19. Fats Waller - Eep, Ipe, Wanna Piece Of Pie / Last Years
20. 1/3 Octave Band - Cloud Chamber / Atem
21. Asian Women on the Telephone - Kljuch, Zamok, Yazyk / ICanT
22. Keiji Haino - untitled / Watashe Dake?
23. Suzuki Junzo - Black Pendulum / Buried Sky, Spider Torn To Pieces
24. Wolf Eyes – Undertow / Undertow
25. My Cat is an Alien - Love Is Like A Hiss From Outer Space / What Space is Made For
26. Scott Walker – Pilgrim / Bish Bosch
27. Les Rallizes Dénudés - Ice Fire / France Demo Tape Winter 88 - Spring 89

If all goes according to plan, this broadcast will cause one of the better problems you can have: a need to go the record store to get more records. That’s one of the best jams you’ll ever find yourself in. Thanks again to Eric and Matt for the confidence in letting me do this and thanks to you for listening.

Keep mutating!!!

–– Henry