RADIO BROADCAST #503 11-18–18



Fanatic! Happy November to you. I hope you’re getting your listening in. I’m doing the best I can. It’s Sunday afternoon and I plan on keeping the music on for as long as I can. I’m waiting for the tubes to warm up. First will be the yellow vinyl edition of Ty Segall’s new collection of covers called Fudge Sandwich, which we rock a track from in our first hour.

Fanatic, have been able to catch J Mascis on his current tour? I saw him in LA last Friday night at the Lodge. SO GREAT! Time passes so quickly when he’s onstage. High points for me was when he switched up guitars and went for that long jam and when he played Alone. The solos were epic. The newly expanded Ear Bleeding Country Dinosaur Jr. / J Mascis retrospective is out, with liner notes by yours truly. J’s new album Elastic Days is a great thing and totally wins on vinyl.

This Ty record is ruling.

The new High On Fire album Electric Messiah is great. Check out that green/black marble variant out of Europe! Looks cool.

The new Orb album the Space Between is excellent. I played that one last night.

I just opened the mailer with the new Guerilla Toss LP Twisted Crystal in it. SO playing that one today.

Fanatic, it’s a great list of tunes we have lined up for you this evening. Next week’s show is all done and ready to go. Hopefully we don’t get canned! As Fats Waller used to say, “One never knows, do one?”

Get your Black Friday list together and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry

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Hour 1

01. Killing Joke – Primitive / Killing Joke

02. Ty Segall – Lowrider / Fudge Sandwich

03. The River City Tanlines - My Reflection / I'm Your Negative

04. Escape-Ism - You Darken My Night / The Lost Record

05. Pere Ubu - Free White / Lady From Shanghai

06. The Oh Sees – Overthrown / Smote Reverser

07. Moon Rituals - Dance With You / Moon Rituals

08. Molly Nilsson - About Somebody / single

09. Ata Ebtakar – Cry / Persian Electronic Music

10. Cabaret Voltaire – Talkover / Methodology / '77-'78. Attic Tapes

11. Terry - Under Reign / I'm Terry

12. Lee Perry - Dub Organizer / Dub-Triptych

13. Doctor Mix And The Remix - I Can't Control Myself / Wall Of Noise

14. Jay Reatard - My Reality / Watch Me Fall

15. Primo - You've Got A Million / Amici

16. Black Sabbath – Trashed / Born Again

17. Pharmakon - Bestial Burden / Bestial Burden

Hour 2

01. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - From Her To Eternity / Peel Session

02. Nico - Saeta / single

03. Kraftwerk – Antenne / Radio-Aktivität

04. Kas Product - W. Infatuation / By Pass

05. Dome - Say Again / Dome 1

06. Empire - All These Things / Expensive Sound

07. The Ruts - It Was Cold / Peel Sessions

08. Tom Waits – November / The Black Rider

09. Les Rallizes Dénudés - A Memory Is Far / Laid Down '76 Again

10. Lydia Kavina - Improvisation / Music From The Ether: Original Works For Theremin

11. Raymond Scott - And The Cow Jumped Over The Moon / The Secret 7: "The Unexpected"

12. Charles Moothart - You Can't Kill Time / Still Life of Citrus & Slime

13. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists – Predate / Grand Unifying Theory

14. Colin Potter - We Are So Glad / We Couldn't Agree On A Title

15. The Fall - I Am Damo Suzuki / This Nation's Saving Grace