RADIO BROADCAST #501 11-04–18



Fanatic! I got a few letters about last week's show, glad you liked it! I thought it was a pretty cool idea.

I'm back from the US leg of the Slideshow dates. Thank you for coming to the shows. It's difficult being off the road but there's a lot of records to check out, so I'm keeping busy with that.

I had a chance to listen to the new High On Fire album, Electric Messiah, thanks to Fanatic Denise who sent me the tracks. My LP copy is in a long column of mailers leaning against a wall in my office. I'll find it one of these days.

Getting out of October and into November, we're going to switch gears a little, as you'll see on our track list below.

Really digging the new GØGGS Pre Strike Sweep album. I think we're running low in tracks from it to play. I hope you've had a chance to check this one out. When Chris Shaw and Ty Segall get together, it's always great, so run, do not walk to this one.

Also, I've had the chance to listen to the new J Mascis album Elastic Days several times over the last few weeks and it's another great one from Mr. J. This one comes out on the 9th. That's this Friday! I preordered mine, so I'll have to wait as it crawls through the mail.

This new Ty record looks pretty cool.

Oh Sees @ The Teragram on 10-31-18 was furious! What a band! Joe has a great venue.

Ms. Molly Nilsson @ The Echo on 11-01-18 was excellent. The new songs, wow!

Fanatic, we hope you dig the show.

So much new music to listen to. Oh, the agony!

Play your records and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry

Instagram: HenryandHeidi

Hour 1

01. Nico - One More Chance / The Drama Of Exile

02. Pere Ubu - Street Waves / The Modern Dance

03. Killing Joke - Complications / Killing Joke

04. Young Marble Giants - Music For Evenings / Colossal Youth

05. Escape-Ism – Bodysnatcher / The Lost Record

06. The Fall - Neighbourhood Of Infinity / Perverted By Language

07. György Ligeti – Ill Allegro Con Spirito / Edition 3: Works For Piano

08 GØGGS - Space Rinse / Pre Strike Sweep

09. Ty Segall & White Fence - Body Behavior / Joy

10. Ty Segall - The Loner / Fudge Sandwich

11. Kraftwerk - Antenne / Radio-Aktivität

12. David Bowie - Art Decade / Low

13. Joy Division - Glass / Substance 1977-1980

14. Primo - Future / Amici

15.The Oh Sees - Beat Quest / Smote Reverser

Hour 2

01. Terry - Ciao Goodbye / I'm Terry

02. ZNR - Armistice Couronne De Feuillages / Barricade 3

03. The Cravats - Situations Vacant / Single

04. The Gun Club – Araby / Mother Juno

05. Desmond Dekker – Perseverance / Greatest Hits

06. Rowland S Howard - I Burnt Your Clothes / Teenage Snuff Film

07. Klaus Schulze - The Art Of Getting One Hundred Years Old - Early Light / La Vie Electronique 1

08. Alan Vega – Cheenaroka / Dujang Prang

09. Martin Rev – Jubilate / Stigmata

10. Guerilla Toss – Meteorological / Twisted Crystal

11. Richard Pinhas - Ruitor / Cosmic Machine: The Sequel

12. Ata Ebtakar - Pictures Of A Whisper / Persian Electronic Music

13. Iggy Pop - American Valhalla / Post Pop Depression

14. Mouserocket - Hello, Talk To Me / Cicada Sounds

15. Sarah Mary Chadwick - Dancing Slowly / Sugar Melts In The Rain