RADIO BROADCAST #506 12-09–18



Fanatic. I’m in that middle hell of being at a hotel but too early. I have up to a three hour wait for a room. Luckily, they’re letting me hang out in the breakfast room for now. I don’t know how long that will last. I just got in from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Fanatic, I doubt I have to tell you that Pete Shelley of Buzzcocks has passed away. A tremendous songwriter and musician. Due to my tour schedule, I’ll be unable to put together a Buzzcocks play list for our show tonight. I’m sorry about this but since this music is great any time, we can do it next year. I’ll get on it this week. I have a night off here and there and will have some time. On the upside of it, Mr. Shelley was much appreciated all over the world and the band recorded and toured to great success since they started over 40 years ago. While it’s sad that the man is gone of course, I think he had good time and we are so lucky to have that music.

I’m starting work on the January shows out here when time allows. It looks like 2019 is going to be great right at the start. I’m not exactly sure what I’m allowed to disclose and it’s not for me to announce a title before a label does, so I have to check all the release dates of the records I’ve been sent lately. I can say without reservation that there’s some great ones about to drop and we have some excellent listening. Hopefully, we won’t get canned. You never know.

Have you checked out the new Oh Sees 12”? I’m on the mailing list, so I get the updates. I ordered up and just got the download, which I plan on listening to today if I’m ever able to get a room. Here’s the info on that:

Also, Fanatic, I’ve been told there’s a limited edition pressing of Sleep’s The Sciences album in black and purple splatter the band has on tour with them. Also, there’s a new pressing of High On Fire’s Electric Messiah album out of the UK I think in green/black marble vinyl. Both of these records are fantastic.

Did you see that there’s been a reissue of the Fall’s excellent I Am Kurious, Oranj LP? I’ve not heard it yet. Fanatic, this is a Fall album that some people missed and it’s definitely a great one. Ian Svenonious was over at my place weeks ago and walked by a promo poster of the album I have on my wall and he remarked that it’s his favorite Fall album. Well, there you go.

As this year comes to a close, as tough as some of it has been, at least we’ve had some fantastic records to listen to. So many things ultimately disappoint but the music never lets us down.

The tracks below are a great line up. As always, we hope you dig the show. Next week’s jam session is ready and I’ll be back with you to let you know what’s what on that.

Play your Buzzcocks records and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry

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Hour 1

01. TV Smith - Land Of The Overdose / Land Of The Overdose

02. John Bender - 68-3 Unrelated / Pop Surgery

03. Cold Meat - Nice Girls / Pork Sword Fever

04. Cold Beat - Step On The Beast / A Simple Reflection

05. The Fall - Kimble / Complete Peel Sessions

06. The Fall - C'n'C - Hassle Schmuck / Complete Peel Sessions

07. Nots - Insect Eyes / We Are Nots

08. Flat Worms - Pearl / Flat Worms

09. Exit Group - Plastic Coffin / Adverse Habitat

10. Ty Segall - I'm A Man / Fudge Sandwich

11. Terry - Jane Roe / I’m Terry

12. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists - Come On Baby / Sin Factory

13. Gee Tee - Death Race / EP

14. The Shifters - Algeria / The Shifters

15. The Oh Sees - Flies Bump Against The Glass / Smote Reverser

16. Raul Lovisoni / Francesco Messina - Hula Om / Prati Bagnati Del Monte Analogo

Hour 2

01. Constant Mongrel Living in Excellence / Living in Excellence

02. Slowr - Gonzo / New Centre Of The Universe Vol. 3

03. Smarts - Smart Man / Smart World EP

04. Smarts - Smart World / Smart World EP

05. Smarts - Golden Arches / Smart World EP

06. Smarts - Don't Slap The Hand That Feeds / Smart World EP

07. Straight Arrows - Bound To Lose / On Top

08. Saccharine Trust - We Don't Need Freedom / Pagan Icons

09. Joy Division - Failures / Substance

10. David Bowie - "Heroes" / single

11. David Bowie V-2 Schneider / single

12. Primary - No Bridge Unburned / Typical Girls Vol. 04

13. UK Subs - T.V. Blues / Another Kind Of Blues

14. Bat Fangs - Turn It Up / Bat Fangs

15. The Aints! - The Church Of Simultaneous Existence / The Church Of Simultaneous Existence

16. Astral Skulls - Blackout / Contact-Light

17. The Last Words - Animal World / single

18. Joe Strummer & Latino Rockabilly War - Nefertiti Rock / Permanent Record

19. Sonic's Rendezvous Band City Slang / City Slang

20. Junior Murvin - Bad Weed / Arkology