RADIO BROADCAST #524 04-14–19



Fanatic! How ya goin’ mate?! I’m down the street from the Sydney Opera House in fantastic Sydney, Australia. Iggy Pop, the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Rock and Roll is doing four shows in Australia and I thought it was best to not miss them. Also, there’s record stores.

Fanatic, have you rocked the 4LP live Sleep album on Third Man yet? A few nights ago, I was a few minutes into the first side and the power went out in my street. I started again the next night and made it all the way though. Can’t wait to get into this one again. I remember when I was hanging out in Albuquerque last year with bassist Al Cisneros, and asked him what was happening with Sleep. He said they were going to record live, hoping for a good night and the 4LP set. Months later, I see the heads up for the set. It’s one of those membership releases, which isn’t cool but thanks to capitalism Discogs and eBay, there’s a lot of them for sale. The set totally rocks. I can’t wait to hear this one again.

I hope you liked the hang out with Mr. Ian Svenonius. He’s one of my favorite people. On the topic of live guests, we have confirmed that on May 5, we will have the one and only Alex Cameron. We will be playing tracks of his choice, along with a track from his forthcoming album. I’ve been playing it for weeks now and it’s amazing.

Mark your calendar: Sunday, May 5: Alex Cameron will be live in the studio with X, Am-Rock and myself. Should be great!


  • Messthetics / Anna Connolly / Craig Wedren show at Zebulon is on 04-17-19.

  • Mdou Moctar show at Zebulon is on 04-20-19


The tracks below sound great together. We hope you dig the music.

Rock the jam session and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry

Instagram: HenryandHeidi

Hour 1

01. The Saints - (I'm) Stranded / (I'm) Stranded

02. David Bowie - White Light/White Heat / Bowie At The Beeb

03. Alçeu Valença & Geraldo Azevedo - Seis Horas / Alçeu Valença & Geraldo Azevedo

04. Kim Salmon & Spencer P. Jones - I Need Somebody / Runaways

05. Mouserocket - Place In You Heart / Pretty Loud

06. Pure Hell - Wild One / Noise Addiction

07. The Stooges - Tight Pants / 7"

08. The Misfits - Hollywood Babylon / 7"

09. The Weirdos - Message From The Underworld / Weird World Vol. 01

10. The Fall - Glam-Racket / The Infotainment Scan

11. Leighton Craig - Small Waves Turn The World / Wind Songs

12. Mikal Cronin – Undertow / New 7" On Famous Class - Fc052

13. The Oh Sees - Turned Out Light / Mutilator Defeated At Last

14. Charles Moothart - Brain Of Clay / Still Life Of Citrus & Slime

15. Ty Segall - Big Man / Fried Shallots

16. Ex-Cult - Let You In / Negative Growth

17. GØGGS - Disappear / Pre Strike Sweep

18. Anna Connolly - Three Times / After Thoughts

19. The Messthetics - Serpent Tongue / Messthetics

Hour 2

01. Dick Diver - Calendar Days / Calendar Days

02. Levitations - Mallorca / Typical Girls Volume 2

03. Sculptress - 25th Word / Sculptress

04. Terry - Chitter Chatter / HQ

05. Leather Towel - The Ozone Layer / Towel Iv

06. Total Control - Her Majesty, Budgie / Laughing At The System

07. Ooga Boogas - Sentimental Stranger / Booga Box

08. Ausmuteants - Band Of The Future / Band Of The Future

09. Ed Schrader's Music Beat – Rust / Riddles

10. Warm Soda - Lemonade Lullaby / Symbolic Dream

11. Hierophants - Hail Stones / Parallax Error

12. Dee Dee King - Mashed Potato Time / Standing In The Spotlight

13. The Dangermen - Enchiladas / Magical Thinking

14. Alex Cameron – Internet / Jumping The Shark

15. Black Tambourine - We Can't Be Friends / Complete

16. Tim Presley – Clue / The Wink

17. Mdou Moctar – Wiwasharnine / Ilana: The Creator

18. Rowland S. Howard - Sleep Alone / Teenage Snuff Film