RADIO BROADCAST #536 07-07–19



Fanatic! If you’re stateside, I hope you had a good holiday weekend. It always goes too fast for me. I got a lot of music listened to. Right now, I’m listening to, yet again, the Peel Sessions of the Birthday Party. Two things here. This is perfect warm weather listening and the performances are incredible. Run do not walk to a vinyl version of this one. Beware of bootlegs.

We have a great show lined up for you. A bit of a concept happening in our second hour. I thought we should listen to the first album by The Fall from start to finish. You might have heard this one several times but I was so impressed by the sound quality of the new Cherry Red reissue, I thought we should listen to the whole thing. It’s one of the best first albums of any band I’ve ever heard. Their unique brilliance is so obvious on this one. I hope you enjoy this deep Fall immersion. I think warm weather is perfect for this kind of thing. I listened to this show all the way through yesterday to make sure I still liked it and I do, hopefully, you’ll dig it as well.

My pal from DC, Lydia, just texted me from San Francisco telling me she was watching James Williamson onstage with Cheetah Chrome. Jealous!

Thanks for listening and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry

Instagram: HenryandHeidi

Hour 1

01. The Birthday Party - The Dim Locator / Live 81-82

02. Hierophants – Citizen / Spitting Out Moonlight

03. Flat Worms - Melt The Arms / 7” on Famous Class

04. Wolfmanhattan Project - Silver Sun / Wolfmanhattan Project

05. School Damage / What's The Point / A To X

06. Group Ka Kaw - The Generousity of Our Fans / Molam: Thai Country Groove From Isan Vol. 02

07. Flin Flon - Chicoutimi / Chicoutimi

08. Lee Perry - Kimble The Nimble / The Upsetter Selection

09. The Gun Club - For The Love Of Ivy / Fire Of Love

10. The Cramps - New Kind Of Kick / Bad Music For Bad People

11. The Scientists - Psycho Cook Supreme / Absolute

12. Sonic Youth - Starpower / EVOL

13. J Mascis - I'm Not Fine / More Light

14. Thee Oh Sees - AA Warm Breeze / split 12” w/Total Control

15. Total Control - For Lease / split 12” w/Thee Oh Sees

16. CFM - Soundtrack To An Empty Room / Soundtrack To An Empty Room

17. Trouble Funk - Hollyrock / Singles

Hour 2

01. The Fall – Frightened / Live At The Witch Trials

02. The Fall - Crap Rap 2 / Like to Blow (F @:13) / Live At The Witch Trials

03. The Fall - Rebellious Jukebox / Live At The Witch Trials

04. The Fall - No X-Mas for John Quays / Live At The Witch Trials

05. The Fall - Industrial Estate / Live At The Witch Trials

06. The Fall - Underground Medecin / Live At The Witch Trials

07. The Fall - Two Steps Back / Live At The Witch Trials

08. The Fall - Live At The Witch Trials / Live At The Witch Trials

09. The Fall - Futures and Pasts / Live At The Witch Trials

10. The Fall - Music Scene / Live At The Witch Trials

11. John R Spykes - Track 11 / Monthly Maddnezz - Volume One - March 2018

12. Ronnie Allen - Juvenile Delinquent / Lux and Ivy's Favorites Vol. 14

13. Prod - Knife on Top / Oz Waves

14. The Stroppies - My Style, My Substance / Whoosh

15. Trash Kit – Coasting / Horizon

16. Espirales – Elevar / Espirales