RADIO BROADCAST #494 09-16–18



Fanatic! I don’t know about you but this month has been going by fast. I hope you’re getting in as much listening as possible. For the last few nights I’ve been playing a Fall LP starting with Witch Trials and going chronologically. It’s 09-15-18 and I’m at the end of a UK test pressing of Grotesque.

Very happy that this is out, the Stimulators Loud Fast Rules single, now an EP, reissued by the great Frontier Records, owned and operated by our pal and sonic ally, Lisa Fancher. It came out sounding great and thanks to Jack Rabid, there’s an extra track on the record.

Cool that we’re playing the Damned on this show, especially a track from Music For Pleasure. I’m now listening to the Drastic Plastic color vinyl reissue and it sounds great. DP really rocked the Damned and Cramps catalogs. If you want new pressings of early Damned, the Drastic Plastic reissues are a perfect go to.

Did you see that the Voice Of Love album by Julee Cruise finally came out on LP?! Nice!!! I got a copy at Amoeba a few days. Sounds good.

Did you hear the new Boris record Phenomenons Drive? Limited edition 600 on clear vinyl. Sounds great. Boris makes records that sell out in a minute so you might want to get on their mailing list to get the heads up. I wrote Fanatic Denise about it last night because I knew she was on the case. She had it. I went on Discogs and there was 2 for way too much money. I think there are some Japan mail order places that might have it. It was one of their more blink-and-you-missed-it records.

I’m starting a bunch of dates in USA on Monday , so I’m trying to get in all the analog listening in I can. I’ll be in a digital environment for the next few weeks.

We hope you dig the show we have set up for you here. Look at those tracks! Come on! It’s going to be great.

Listen to music as much as you can and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry

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Hour 1

01. The Stimulators - Loud Fast Rules / LFR 7" 2018 reissue on Frontier

02. The Bad Brains - The Regulator / Banned In DC

03. Saint Vitus - Look Behind You / The Blasting Concept

04. The Gun Club - Nobody's City / Mother Juno CD extra track

05. Nun - Evoke the Sleep / Nun

06. Generation X - Dancing With Myself (Eel Pie Demos 01-80) / Demos (cdr)

07. The UK Subs - Ice Age / Singles Collection

08. The Ruts - Demolition Dancing / Grin And Bear It

09. One Last Wish - Burning in the Undertow / 1986

10. The Fall - Stepping Out / Early Singles

11. The Misfits - Spinal Remains / Static Age

12. The Oh Sees - Enrique El Corbrador / Smote Reverser

13. GØGGS – Disappear / Pre Strike Sweep

14. The Damned – Alone / Music For Pleasure

15. Wire - Go Ahead (Notre Dame) / Document & Eyewitness

16. David Lynch - Cold Wind Blowin / The Big Dream

17. Julee Cruise - Mysteries Of Love / Floating Into The Night

Hour 2

01. Bambara – Backyard / Shadow On Everything

02. Those Naughty Lumps - Iggy Pop's Jacket / single

03. Marnie Stern – Vault / This Is It And I Am It And You Are It And So Is That And He Is It And She Is It And It Is It And That Is That

04. The Sods – Pathetic / Minutes To Go

05. Angry Angles - Apparent – Transparent / Angry Angles

06. El Guapo - Laser Eyes / Super/System

07. David Bowie - Sound And Vision / Low

08. Joy Division – Insight / BBC Recordings

09. Grouper - Parking Lot / Grid Of Points

10. Tom Waits – Chicago / Bad As Me

11. Mister Badge - Crazy Mister Badge / Groove Club Vol. 01

12. The Scorpions - Robot Man / In Trance

13. Killing Joke – Complications / Killing Joke

14. Buzzcocks - Why She's The Girl From The Chainstore / Singles Going Steady

15. Molly Nilsson - Modern World / Imaginations

16. Brian Case – UBU / Spirit Design

17. Pere Ubu - The Healer / 20 Years In A Montana Missile Silo

18. Les Rallizes Denudes - 夜の収穫者たち / '77 Live