RADIO BROADCAST #493 09-09–18

Fanatic! How's September treating you? I just jumped out of the set of Deadly Class yesterday and will soon be hitting the road.
Last night, I listened to the new Escape-Ism LP The Lost Record. Great!
Right now, I'm listening to the tracks for this show. I think we have yet again hit sonic pay dirt.
There's a new Slim Gaillard 2CD set that was just released last week called Groove Juice: The Norman Granz Recordings. We'll get tracks into the show as soon as I can get a copy. Looks interesting, with a lot of alt takes on CD2. Slim's son wrote me about it recently. Vout!
My new book, Before The Chop IV is back from the printer and will be on my American tour dates that start next week. We will be selling it on the US tour dates exclusively. All copies will be signed by me.  Remaining copies will go to the site mail order in early November
New Escape-Ism album is out now on Merge. I’ve heard the record a few times and it’s great.
Sleep is playing in San Pedro September 15! Here’s your info.
New Sleep 12” OUT RIGHT NOW!!!
John Esplen owner and operator of the great Overground Records has reissued the first Cravats single. Sounds great!
Also, you should know that the great and prolific musician Conway Savage passed away last week. Many of us saw him onstage all over the world with Nick Cave.
I have a solid week of uphill until show time in Michigan next week. I'm in the studio bright and early tomorrow for some animation voice over. Much to do, much to prepare for.
Get up for the down stroke and STAY FANATIC!!! 
–– Henry
Instagram: HenryandHeidi
Hour 1
01. The Gun Club - Bill Bailey / Mother Juno
02. The Damned - Rabid (Over You) / The Black Album (CD extra track)
03. Iggy Pop - I'm Bored / New Values
04. David Bowie – Changes / Hunky Dory
05. The Minutemen - More Joy / Joy
06. Wire – Lowdown / Pink Flag
07. Buzzcocks – Breakdown / Spiral Scratch
08. Tactics - Standing By The Window / Tales From The Australian Underground
09. GØGGS - Still Feeding / Pre Strike Sweep
10. OCS - Remote Viewer / Live In San Francisco
11. Arndales - Retail Hero / Shops
12. The Cravats – Precinct / Cravats
13. Mick Harvey - Comic Strip / Pink Elephants
14. Rowland S Howard - Life's What You Make It / Pop Crimes
15. Nick Cave & Die Haut - Stow-A-Way / Burnin' the Ice
Hour 2
01. TSOP - M.F.S.B. / AM Gold 1974
02. Suicide - Ghost Rider / Suicide
03. The Rolling Stones – Shattered / Some Girls
04. The Ruts - Dope For Guns / The Crack
05. Pere Ubu - West Side Story / Song Of The Bailing Man
06. Generation X - Night Of the Cadillacs - Night Of The Cadillacs / Valley Of The Dolls
07. Joy Division – Failures / Substance
08. Rat Columns - Someone Else's Dream / Candle Power
09. Martin Rev – Creation / Demolition 9
10. Sinn Sisamouth - I Love Petite Women / Cambodian Rocks Volume 1
11. The Adverts - The Adverts / Cast Of Thousands
12. Dax Riggs - Truth In The Dark / We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love
13. The Warmers - Poked It With A Stick / The Warmers
14. Alan Vega - Faster Blaster / Deuce Avenue
15. The Reatards - You Build Me Up Just to Bust Me Back Down / The Reatards Cassette
16. Bellringer - Double Yellow Line / Jettison
17. The Jesus & Mary Chain - Upside Down / 21 Singles